Limiting UFS File system creation choice

My 4 hours of train today, permit me to work on FreeNAS: Replaced the 4 UFS choices for formatting an hard drive, by only one (EFI GPT with soft updates) and add the possibility to choose the minimum free space reserved (between 8% and 1%). Rename the Software RAID...

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Guide for Installing FreeBSD with QEMU under Windows XP

We’ve decide to use only the FreeBSD 6.2-release, and not the lastest FreeBSD code for FreeNAS.Then I re-install a new FreeBSD under my Windows XP laptop and write a little guide with some screen shots for “HOW TO Install FreeBSD with QEMU under Windows XP...

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Disable openssh-portable

I’ve disabled the openssh-portable package again because of ssh login failures.The original sshd shipped with FreeBSD6.2 is used instead, but this one has no HPN patch.

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LDAP will not be working for the 0.684b

Here is the actual state of the day about my works. RSYNC bug fixed : I forgot to add the hidden ‘id’ value (corresponding to the entry number) in the web form. FAT32 and EXT2 formatting: I’ve remove the BSD label creation for these filesystem (it was an old bug...

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Install problem fixed

My previous problem encounter when using the latest FreeBSD 6.2 code was fixed:Replaced the defective FreeBSD 6.2 gzip binary by the gzip port.Now I can install and upgrade my FreeNAS again.I hope that the FreeBSD team will fix this problem on gzip (imported from...

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Can’t no more install FreeNAS

(First post!) Since the last week, I can’t install FreeNAS on my virtual machine (same problem under KQEMU and VMware).When booting from the CDROM (or upgrading from WebGUI) I meet this error message (try to install it in both mode): gunzip: error writing to...

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