FreeNAS 10: Early M2 Preview

In the last post, Jordan provided an overview of the FreeNAS 10 middleware and architecture. In this post, we’ll provide a sneak peak at the upcoming M2 milestone by demonstrating how to install and navigate this version of FreeNAS 10. This is useful if you are...

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FreeNAS 10: A developer’s perspective

One of the greater challenges in software engineering, particularly once you’ve actually released your latest magnum opus to the world, is deciding what to do next.  How long do you continue to support version X, carefully fixing bugs and polishing the rock,...

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FreeNAS in Production

I work as a Network Administrator in a shop where we deploy 60+ ESXi VMs on a half dozen host servers.  We heard about FreeNAS from my predecessor who implemented it where he is now employed.  My boss asked me to evaluate FreeNAS as it is time to replace one of our...

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My FreeNAS Lab

My FreeNAS Lab I started using FreeNAS a couple of years ago at work when we started looking into backup storage solutions for our various (pricey) production arrays. I first experimented with 5-6 year old spare desktop computers of the Intel Core 2 CPU/DDR2 memory...

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FreeNAS 10 Hackathon

Last week, FreeNAS developers from around the globe arrived for 2 weeks of face-to-face discussions and coding sessions for FreeNAS 10.  Yes, Virginia, there will be a FreeNAS 10, divided into a series of planned milestone releases (M2-M5) for those who would like to...

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We’re Expanding!

As you may know, last year saw an increase in demand for our storage and server products and that demand continues to grow. When we started out, we were just a small group of close-knit people. Over the years, we steadily added more and more talent to our company and...

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