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Hello FreeNAS Users,
FreeNAS 10-ALPHA2 has arrived in time for summer! A lot has changed since the first ALPHA so be sure to watch Jordan Hubbard’s third State of the Union for a demo of the new features. We also have a quick video to concisely explain the benefits of TrueNAS (the enterprise version of FreeNAS). Finally, thanks to the users who shared their own FreeNAS creations! We also have a DIY build and a system monitoring appliance to check out this month.

The FreeNAS Team
FreeNAS 10-ALPHA2 is Here!
We’re proud to announce FreeNAS 10-ALPHA2 is ready for testing. Jordan Hubbard, iXsystems CTO & FreeNAS Project Manager, released a new State of the Union address to demonstrate the upcoming features. Check it out for an early look at the new UI and more. Read more >>Here is some of the feedback we’ve gotten:

The new GUI looks fantastic but what really impressed me from the video is how you’ve streamlined things.” – Compuglobal, Forum user

This is exciting! As a new FreeNAS user I’m amazed at what the future holds.” – Schuby, Forum user

Read the rest of the comments on the forum announcement or in the comments section of the video below.

Quick Overview of TrueNAS
How is TrueNAS different from FreeNAS? Take just 2 minutes to watch this video for a crash course about everything TrueNAS has to offer. Watch now >>

DCIG Buyer's Guide

2016 DIY NAS Upgrade
Brian Moses is back with a great write-up of his new 2016 DIY NAS build. Check out the article to learn about the upgrades he made, his rationale for the hardware he picked, and how the hardware stacks up in a series of performance tests. Read More >>
SexiGraf on FreeNAS
SexiGraf is a vSphere-centric Graphite appliance with a Grafana front end and thanks to the team at SexiGraf, the software is now compatible with FreeNAS! Check it out >>

FreeBSD Journal

6 Reasons Why TrueNAS is replacing NetApp and EMC – Free Webinar
We invite you to join Matt Olander, Co-Founder and CSO of iXsystems, in a free webinar about TrueNAS. Find out why people are making the switch from big-name, legacy storage vendors to TrueNAS. Read more >>
FreeNAS Certification Classes
We offer a free Intro to FreeNAS class that runs every day. For those of you interested in learning more about advanced topics, we also offer paid, fully interactive classes. Read more >>
Live Events

TechTip #30
FreeNAS 9.3 and 9.10 allow you to mirror your boot device for added reliability. You can do this from: System: Boot: Status. Select “freenas-boot” and click “Attach”, which will prompt you for the second device that you want to mirror with the existing one.
Join the Team
iXsystems, the company that sponsors FreeNAS, is looking for a few good people to join our team. Interested? The full list of available positions can be found on our website.
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