Will you need hardware or support for your project? The FreeNAS team would like to remind you that the FreeNAS project is sustained through the sale of awesome storage products that leverage the power of FreeNAS.

So, if you end up loving FreeNAS (you totally will), and you want a dedicated home storage device that is specifically designed for it, check out the iXsystems FreeNAS Mini.

If you need something a little more robust and rackmountable for a simple file server or other non-critical storage application, iXsystems provides FreeNAS Certified Storage.


And, if you require enterprise-class storage with high availability, 24/7 support, and enough performance to back a whole virtual infrastructure, you'll want to look into TrueNAS.

Download FreeNAS

Installing FreeNAS?

Download the current stable release of FreeNAS.
The new recommended boot device size is 8GB. FreeNAS requires 8GB of RAM to run properly. Download 2ed18d4cbadaca3833cf5478171c316706158bd4c8f2040eca37a7d39e4a58cd

Upgrading FreeNAS?

Download the current stable GUI Upgrade file.
Users planning to update to FreeNAS 9.3, please be aware that the new suggested minimum boot drive size is 8GB. Please read the UPGRADING file for more information. Download a89cddc3804ea9b6455d620ca976cd0708af79696683ed597264c197719f8da7

Nightly Builds

For those interested in the nightly churn, check out our Nightly builds and hop on to the bleeding edge of FreeNAS!

Looking for an older version or other download files? Click here!