FreeNAS Training and Certification

Accelerate the FreeNAS and ZFS Learning Curve

The classes are designed to accelerate your FreeNAS learning curve by saving you hours of trial and error and digging through confusing and contradictory information on Google.

Most training courses hold you hostage for up to a week, sifting through dry and often irrelevant information. However, these single-serving FreeNAS classes are no longer than 3-4 hours in length, are topic-specific, and cut directly to the core of the information you need to become an expert in FreeNAS and ZFS in no time flat.

Classes are taught by Linda Kateley. Linda is a professional Software Educator with over 20 years experience who specializes in ZFS and Storage. She is a former Educator & Solaris Global Architect at Sun Microsystems.

Course Title & Description Schedule

Intro to FreeNAS

You will learn:

  • Overview of WebGUI
  • Initial setup
  • Create a local user
  • How to create a volume
  • Create and share datasets
  • Create an iSCSI target


This class is free and runs daily.

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FreeNAS Admin

15 student limit

Admin Class Basic administrative task including:

Systems Admin

  • Advanced Settings
  • Upgrade Appliance
  • Monitoring disks and logs

Storage Admin

  • Create and add to pools
  • Add cache and log devices
  • Replace and monitor disks
  • Create, manage, and clone snapshots
  • Replicate data, local and remote

Network Admin

  • Add and configure multiple interfaces
  • Create link aggregations
  • Create vLANs
  • Modify Network Services


September 3rd

October 1st

November 5th

December 3rd

FreeNAS Sharing Deep Dive

15 student limit

You will learn:

  • Differences between the sharing protocols
  • Understand and configure CIFS
  • Understand and Integrate to Active Directory
  • Configure NonDefault iSCSI Setups


September 10th

November 5th

November 12th

December 3rd

FreeNAS Hardware Architecture & Performance Basics

15 student limit

You will learn

  • Learn to design systems based on different capacity and use cases
  • Design systems for performance, high availability, archive or workgroup.
  • Learn how to design for the right capacity, performance, and redundancy


August 20th - Beta Class Free!!

September 17th

October 15th

November 19th

December 17th

Fault Analysis Workshop

10 student limit

This class runs as a workshop. Watch videos on tools for analysis, then receive several labs with data/use cases info to analyze and solve problems. This class is part of the final exam for certification.


September 24 - Beta Class Free!!

October 22nd

November 26th