NEW Online FreeNAS Classes

Written by Annie Zhang on .

We’re proud to announce new online FreeNAS classes in collaboration with ZFS expert, Linda Kateley. Linda is a professional software educator with over 20 years of experience who specializes in ZFS and storage. We get a lot of questions from users about how to set up their own FreeNAS system and what you can and can’t do with ZFS, so we thought this would provide a great jump-start guide to save people time and effort.

We plan to offer more classes in the future, focusing on a variety of topics. For now, this initial series of classes will introduce you to the FreeNAS GUI and teach you everything you need to know to get started with FreeNAS, including:

  • Basic Setup
  • Volumes and Datasets setup
  • Sharing with AFP, NFS, CIFS
  • Enterprise ZFS Features (Caching, Checksums, Snapshots, Replication)

The first class will begin on April 16th at 10AM CST. Classes are limited to 15 people per session in order to allow for focused collaborative attention and a robust Q&A session. Each class is designed to be topic-specific, taken “a la carte”, and runs no longer than 3-4 hours. Sign up for your spot now!

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  • Mohd Fadhil


    I would like to know more on ZFS and how to assemble raid hardware on it. This will be used on small medium enterprise.


  • Per-Ole Fanuelsen


    You should think about online courses for us who live in europe and such. :)


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