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Defeating CryptoLocker Attacks with ZFS

Written by Annie Zhang on .

“CryptoLocker is a joke with ZFS.”

CryptoLocker and ransomware attacks have gained prominence recently for both their frequency and their unique method of attack. Ransomware is a form of malware that infects a user’s computer, encrypts the data on it, and demands payment in exchange for restoring the files. Failure to pay means the files are destroyed forever. These attacks can be devastating and have caused millions in damages.

With the right tools, users can keep their data safe.

Todd Ladouceur is the CTO of Plextec and an enterprise FreeNAS user. In a recent interview with Michael Dexter, he shared how his company routinely combats CryptoLocker attacks by using FreeNAS and ZFS. Read more>>

The Dev Team Shows Off Upcoming FreeNAS 10 | Tales from BSDCan | Issue #23

Written by Annie Zhang on .

Hello FreeNAS Users,

This month, the Dev Team shares some insight on the upcoming FreeNAS 10 and a FreeNAS user talks about using FreeNAS in a production environment.

This issue of the newsletter is dedicated to the memory of Marius Busch, one of our most prominent forum and IRC contributors. On behalf of the FreeNAS Team & community, we’d
like to extend our condolences to the family and friends of Marius Busch.

The FreeNAS Team
FreeNAS 10: A Developer’s Perspective

Jordan Hubbard, FreeNAS Project Lead and iXsystems CTO, wrote an article to explain how the underlying architecture of FreeNAS 10 makes it more user-friendly and developer-friendly. Read more >>

FreeBSD Journal
FreeNAS in Production

After taking the FreeNAS training classes, Dale Josephson set up a FreeNAS system in a production environment and wrote up a summary of his experience. Read more >>.

FreeNAS at BSDCan

The FreeNAS Team is back from this year’s BSDCan with a recap of the events and photos with the founder of FreeNAS from Day 1 & Day 2 of the event.

6 Reasons Why TrueNAS is Replacing NetApp and EMC – Free Webinar

We invite you to join Matt Olander, Co-Founder of iXsystems, in a free webinar about TrueNAS. Find out why people are making the switch from big-name, legacy storage vendors to TrueNAS. Read more >>

FreeNAS Certification Classes

We offer a free Intro to FreeNAS class that runs every day. For those of you interested in learning more about advanced topics, we also offer paid, fully interactive classes. Read more >>

Live Events

  • July 20-24OSCon in Portland, OR
  • August 21-22Texas Linuxfest in Austin, TX
  • August 30-September 3VMworld in San Francisco, CA
TechTip #19

FreeNAS jails can provide many custom services but they cannot be used as a

Join the Team

iXsystems, the company that sponsors FreeNAS, is looking for a few good people to join our team. Interested? The full list of available positions can be found on our website.

Links of the Month
RIP Marius Busch, “Marbus90″

Marius Busch, better known as “Marbus90″ in the FreeNAS community, passed away earlier this week. Marius was an active member of the #freenas channel and forums. His expertise helped hundreds of users build and set up their own servers. RIP, you will be missed. Read More>>

FreeNAS in Production

Written by Annie Zhang on .

I work as a Network Administrator in a shop where we deploy 60+ ESXi VMs on a half dozen host servers.  We heard about FreeNAS from my predecessor who implemented it where he is now employed.  My boss asked me to evaluate FreeNAS as it is time to replace one of our existing SANs.  I installed FreeNAS 9.3 on an old IBM server and took the four 3-hour FreeNAS classes from Linda Kateley. I then dove in head first with a new 4U SuperMicro SAN with dual Intel CPUs, 128GB EEC RAM, twenty 4TB SAS HDDs and a handful of consumer grade SSDs.  The important lessons learned are:

  1. Buy big RAM chips so you have available slots if you need more RAM.
  2. eMLC SSDs cost more but they are definitely better than off the shelf SSDs.
  3. There is a 4X & 5X FreeNAS rule that states you want 4 or 5 times as many gigabytes of SSD capacity for cache as you have gigabytes of RAM.  I always go big so we deployed the 8X rule.
  4. Download FreeNAS and install it on a test platform and then take Linda Kateley’s four paid and one free interactive online class to get started.  The FreeNAS forum is wonderful as long as you research your questions before posting.
  5. RAID cards are not needed but if you want an LSI RAID card make sure you flash it to IT (pass through mode).  LSI support & the FreeNAS forum were great in guiding me to the correct utilities I needed for my LSI SAS 9211-8i Host Bus Adapter.
  6. If you want the lights to work correctly on the front of a SuperMicro SAN use only SAS HDDs.

A very knowledgeable admin on the FreeNAS forum sent me a quote that is quite appropriate:  “It’s like a learning cliff.  We know.”  That said, Linda’s class made it much more like a steep hill and very manageable.
Currently I have the fastest SAN I have ever had the pleasure of working with and all the hard work pays off when you see you have maxed out your state of the art fiber gigabit network.

Dale Josephson
Network Administrator
Karuk Tribe