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FreeNAS is now available

Written by Annie Zhang on .

This point release for 9.2.1 fixes performance issues with ZFS replication, SMB spins / hangs under certain circumstances, and a variety of smaller issues.

All bugs fixed in can be found here.

This is a very small point release – very few changes have been made as we are endeavoring to continue refining 9.2.1.x until no significant bugs are left and we can focus exclusively on 9.2.2, which will have far more substantial changes (see this link for some notion of what is planned for 9.2.2).

We’re releasing a BETA first to make sure there are no lingering issues we’ve missed, otherwise it will be substantially the same as (which we’ll release in another 14 days or so).

Thank you, as always, for your testing!

– The FreeNAS Development Team

Announcing FreeNAS

Written by Annie Zhang on .

Hey folks!

In our never(?)-ending quest to continue to add polish to the 9.2.1-BRANCH of FreeNAS, we are very pleased to announce – come and get it!

This point release for 9.2.1 adds ZFS replication status, fixes various issues found in in CIFS, AFP, FTP, serial console support, and other areas.

A list of all bugs fixed in can be found here.

High level features for

  • * Samba (SMB/CIFS support) upgraded to version 4.1.6
  • * Netatalk (AFP support) upgraded to version 3.1.1
  • * ZFS replication status is now provided in ZFS Replication UI
  • * The bug preventing FTP from starting when logging to system dataset has been fixed.

We’ve worked very hard to nail all sorts of issues in this series of 9.2.1.x point releases, hopefully without doing anything destabilizing at the same time, and are confident that we’ve managed to polish this branch to a pretty high gloss (which is what you want in a NAS!). We certainly could not have done so without all of your testing and feedback over the last couple of months, so thanks!

– The FreeNAS Engineering Team

FreeNAS now available

Written by Annie Zhang on .

Hey folks,

It’s been almost 3 weeks, so it must be time for another FreeNAS build!

Come and get it from here, under “Legacy, 32-bit, and Other Downloads”.

See what we fixed here (though this list is not entirely definitive – some of the bugs here may also be fixed – we’re still waiting for some feedback!).

We probably won’t do a Release Candidate for because the changes are truly small, so please do test the BETA and see if we squashed your favorite bug, otherwise will come out and it will be too late!

Not much to post for Release Notes here. Samba was upgraded to 4.1.6 and Netatalk to 3.1.1, which should fix some Samba crashes and the 32 bit “Time Machine bug” that was in the Errata. We also fixed a bug with libinotify which accounted for some of the Samba spins that ate 100% CPU.

Again, please get it here:

Thanks, as always, for your testing!

– FreeNAS Engineering Team