FreeNAS – Detachable Storage has Come of Age

Written by James T. Nixon III on .

While regular readers of this column will appreciate that I am long in tooth (the corollary being that I am short in memory) – I still remember 8 inch 1.2MB floppy disks that would only hold less than 1MB under CPM.

My first I.T. task before I jumped ship form electronics to computing was diagnosing an elderly CPM based word processing system that had 5.25 inch floppy drives and an equally mature Enhanced Small Disk Interface (ESDI) hard drive. Based on the old ST506/412 interface originally devised by Seagate Technology, in the early 80’s ESDI was a common sight for the field engineer. While I cannot remember the exact capacity of the drive, it was only double digit Megabytes – if that. After a time examining the system, it was clear that the hard disk was either encountering a large number of consecutive bad sectors or had suffered a head crash, as the endless “Skip Retry Ignore” prompt testified.

Creative Integrations: Workflow Improvements with FreeNAS and TrueNAS

Written by James T. Nixon III on .

We’ve deployed FreeNAS and TrueNAS at several client locations and the visual effects people are loving the TrueNAS system and how easy it is to manage.

-Tim Nagle, Owner of Creative Integrations

Creative Integrations

Creative Integrations is a full service engineering/integration firm that specializes in post-production, recording, animation, and broadcast facilities. With over a decade of experience, Creative integrations helps their clients design, improve, and streamline workflows.

The company is owned and operated by Tim Nagle, with experience on many sides of the industry from engineering, production, post-production, music and broadcast all over North America and Europe. Creative Integrations offers a proactive, technical view of the landscape customers are faced with and works with clients to find the most effective, economical solutions available in the current market place. With offices in Dallas, TX and New York City, NY, Creative Integrations is positioned to fulfill the needs of any project on schedule and on budget.

FreeNAS Issue of BSD Magazine

Written by Ben Milman on .

BSD Magazine, the leading publisher of BSD news and articles, is proud to present a special FreeNAS edition. In this month’s issue, readers can find a collection of insightful FreeNAS articles from iXsystems’ FreeNAS development, marketing and support teams, as well as beta-testers. Dru Lavigne, John Hixson, Mark VonFange, Annie Zhang, and Alfred Perlstein all contributed to the latest issue.

With the recent FreeNAS 8.3.1 release, there are plenty of new features to talk about. Readers can find articles on plugins, disk encryption, ZFSv28, and much more. FreeNAS users share their own experience with the open source project, whether it be in a business environment or for casual home use.

To download the free online PDF of the FreeNAS issue, visit Printed copies of the issue will soon be available for purchase from the FreeBSD Mall.