FreeNAS 8.3.0-RELEASE-p1 Available

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The FreeNAS development team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of FreeNAS 8.3.0-RELEASE-p1. Images and plugins can be downloaded from here.

FreeNAS 8.3.0-RELEASE-p1 is a bugfix release for FreeNAS 8.3.0-RELEASE.  The main bug it addresses is the display of a “Welcome to nginx” page instead of the WebUI which occurs sporadically in some situations. If you are running 8.3.0-RELEASE and haven’t encountered this bug there may be very little reason to upgrade.

There have been no major changes between 8.3.0-RELEASE and RELEASE-p1, mostly bugfixes and minor usability improvements to the GUI. See the release notes for a complete list.


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There will be a FreeBSD booth in the exhibition area of LISA, to be held at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina in San Diego, CA. Exhibition hours are Wednesday, December 12 from 12:00–19:00 p.m and Thursday, December 13 from 9:30–14:00. Registration is required for this event, but is free for the exhibition area.

We’ll be giving out copies of FreeNAS and PC-BSD as well as some cool swag. There will also be an iXsystems booth with some cool hardware running FreeNAS/TrueNAS.

If you are in the San Diego area, drop by and say hi!

FreeNAS 8.3.0 Users Guide

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The 8.3.0 Users Guide is available for download in the following formats:

For those who would like to assist the project financially, a Kindle version is also available for purchase from Amazon. The ASIN is B009Z245ZU and this version is text-to-speech enabled. If you are outside of North America, check the Amazon website for your region.