FreeNAS at EuroBSDCon

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Several members of the FreeNAS team will be at EuroBSDCon to be held in Warsaw, Poland on October 18-21. There will be a booth in the expo area which will hand out FreeNAS 8.3.0-BETA2 CDs as well as cool swag.

Dru Lavigne will give a half-day workshop “Introduction to FreeNAS 8.3″ on Thursday, October 18 beginning at 10:00.

John Hixson will present “FreeNAS System Architecture” at 12:10 on Saturday, October 20.

FreeNAS users may also be interested in  Martin Matuska’s presentation “Tuning ZFS on FreeBSD” at 10:55 on Sunday, October 21.

Registration is required for this event.

FreeNAS 8.3.0-BETA3 is Available

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The FreeNAS development team is pleased to announce the availability of FreeNAS 8.3.0-BETA3. This is the last planned public beta of 8.3.0 as it moves towards the final.

FreeNAS 8.3.0-BETA3 can be downloaded from the following location:

This BETA includes a refactoring of the Active Directory and LDAP integration. It has a rework of serial port support, adding the ability to set the serial port speed. The NFS sharing was refactored in BETA2 with an eye towards maintaining compatability with sharing schemes set up in previous FreeNAS releases. The refactored sharing is more powerful and flexible than previous releases, while enforcing the OS based rules. Support for the LSI “skinny” RAID controllers was added, including the 9265/9285.

Upgrading an existing ZFS pool is a one way street, once the upgrade is done it is not possible to use older versions of FreeNAS, nor is it possible to downgrade your pool. This upgrade can be done by running zpool upgrade from the CLI, it is not done automatically via the upgrader, nor is there a way to do the upgrade from the GUI.