OLF Institute Course: FreeBSD for Linux System Administrators

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Though it doesn’t deal directly with FreeNAS administration, this course may be of interest to some of you as it describes the differences one experiences when going from a Linux system administration environment to a FreeBSD one.

The course “FreeBSD for Linux Administrators” is one of the courses being offered at the OLF Institute as part of the Ohio LinuxFest. This one day course will be held on Friday, September 9 in Columbus Ohio. The course description and cost are detailed on the OLF Institute’s website.

FreeNAS 8 Nightly Snapshots

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Earlier this week, Josh announced the availability of nightly snapshots. The FreeNAS Guide describes these snapshots as follows:  

Upgrading to a Nightly Snapshot

Changes to FreeNASâ„¢ occur daily as developers address the bugs and enhancement requests reported by FreeNASâ„¢ users. A new version that incorporates these changes is automatically built every day and is available for download as a “nightly”. If you wish to install or upgrade to the very latest version of FreeNASâ„¢ (i.e. the version that addresses all fixed bugs up to today’s date) or you need to upgrade to a version that incorporates a fix you are waiting for, you should download the latest nightly version.  

NOTE: it is possible that a recently implemented change will not work as expected or will break something else. If you experience this, take the time to add a comment to the applicable support ticket so that the developer’s can address the problem.

Nightly builds are available as either an ISO or as a full_install.xz. If you are upgrading from an earlier version of FreeNASâ„¢ 8.x, see the section on Upgrading FreeNASâ„¢ for instructions on how to upgrade.