FreeNAS Sabanda Released!

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The FreeNAS Development Team is pleased to announce the availability of FreeNAS 0.7.2 Sabanda. This is the Final release of FreeNAS 0.7.2 it improves it’s functions and the translations of the WEBGUI. many things are updated and stabillity is improved.
We hope you like it just as much as we do!


Upgrade Notes
– Before upgrade you must always backup your configuration file, your
system disk and all your data (if possible).
– DO NOT use firmware upgrade if your installed FreeNAS revision is lower
than 0.7.2(5175).
– If your version is after 0.7.2(5175), you can upgrade it by any ways.
– If your version is lower than 0.7.2(5175), and you install by option #1
(no data in the boot disk), and there is space of at least 128MB in the
boot disk, you can upgrade it from LiveCD. Otherwise, a new installation
is necessary. (This procedure formats the boot disk.) And, you must
remove the mount point of the boot disk, and add it again.

Other Notes
– The system requirements are changed. The minimum space to install:
OS disk: 128MB(120MiB), Mem: 384MB for embedded.
OS disk: 400MB(380MiB), Mem: 256MB for full.

Downgrade Notes
– Downgrading from 0.7.2 to any version lesser than build 0.7.2(5726) is not

Release Notes
FreeNAS 0.7.2 (Sabanda) Stable rev.6694 – 12-06-2011

Majors changes:
– Upgrade to FreeBSD 7.3-p6.
– Upgrade unison to 2.40.61.
– Upgrade bsnmp-ucd to 0.3.2.
– Upgrade e2fsprogs to 1.41.14.
– Upgrade smartmontools to 5.41.
– Upgrade php5 to 5.3.6.
– Upgrade transmission to 2.22.
– Upgrade samba to 3.5.8.
– Increase image size to 72MB, mfsroot to 180MB.
– Increase default install size embedded to 120MB, full to 380MB.
– Increase default swap size to 256MB.
– Increase memory disk for firmware upgrade to 128MB.
– Create 4KB aligned data partition on the boot disk.
– Upgrade arcconf to 6.50.18579.
– Upgrade cdialog to 1.1.20100428.
– Set kern.hz=100 when running on virtual machine and kern.hz>100.
– Add virtual machine guest support (open-vm-tools/vbox-additions).
– Upgrade inadyn-mt to 02.24.36.
– Upgrade bash to 4.1.011.
– Upgrade istgt to 20110529.
– Upgrade msmtp to 1.4.24.
– Upgrade nano to 2.2.6.
– Upgrade gzip to 1.4.
– Upgrade tftp-hpa to 5.0.
– Introduce iSCSI boot/install feature (isboot 0.2.4).
– Upgrade 3ware driver to 9.5.3.
– Upgrade proftpd to 1.3.3d.
– Upgrade lighttpd to 1.4.28.
– Upgrade iperf to 2.0.5.
– Upgrade ataidle to 2.5.1.
– Upgrade nut to 2.61.
– Upgrade rsync to 3.0.8.
– Upgrade aac driver to 2.4.1.
– Upgrade iscsi to 2.3.1.

Minors changes:
– Add “Czech”, “Korean”, “Slovak” and “Portuguese (Brazil)” translations.
– Add multiple CPUs usage.
– Add AIO WebGUI for CIFS/SMB service.
– Remove /var/tmp symbolic link.
– Support Advanced Format 4KB sector. (UFS/GPT data partition only)
– Set fsck enable by default at Disks|Mount Point|Add.
– Set kern.geom.debugflags when formating.
– Modify Tuning values.
– Add ability to disable File Manager.
– Make three backups of configuration when writing new one.
– Add amdtemp module. (FR 2992462)
– Add ability to probe on-die digital thermal sensor.
– Enable disk quotas of kernel option.
– Remove a useless partition.
– Add ability to mount ‘a’ partition on MBR/UFS.
– Add variables to change upload directory of lighttpd.
– Disable fsck on MBR/UFS mount point due to 4KB alignment. You need
re-enable it after upgrading.
– Add wireless firmware modules.
– Add logical block length for iSCSI target.
– Add ability to disable/enable for iSCSI target.
– Add unused extents to the list in iSCSI target edit mode.
– Add kernel module directory (/boot/modules).
– Set Large read/write by default (Services|CIFS/SMB|Settings).
– Add crypto accelerator driver (hifn, safe, ubsec).
– Move upload directory to /var/tmp/ftmp from /ftmp.
– Change iSCSI initial parameter.
– Add new parameter of istgt 20100522.
– Add minimum set of zfskerntune feature.
– Add Hyper-V reboot issue patch.
– Add ZFS pool with 4KB sector support.
– Add ZFS cache and log device support.
– Improve parameters for Samba 3.5.x.
– Improve Active Directory support.
– Display Device model on ‘Status|Disks and Disks|Management’.
– Improve automatic firmware check “Embedded” installs.

Bug fixes:
– Fix wrong validation when WINS is enabled.
– Fix missing /var/tmp in full installation.
– Fix upload fail when firmware upgrade.
– Fix AIO checkbox is not disabled if samba is disabled.
– Fix fail to update index.php if some value is undefined.
– Fix control of Ctrl+Alt+Del if console menu is disabled (BR 2976816).
– Fix the document link on Services|Rsync|Server|Settings (BR 2997828).
– Fix fail to connect SSH if ActiveDirectory is enabled (BR 2821715, 2898371).
– Fix UPS support for Megatec USB UPSs fails (BR 3079159).
– Fix Unable to create ZFS datasets with . or / in the name by WebGUI (BR2934275).
– Fix Remote root vulnerability in exec_raw.php.
– Fix SSL/TLS, test e-mail did not work correct (BR3306572).
– Fix the usage of AFP service.
– Fix Blocklist functionality transmission.

FreeNAS Development Team

FreeNAS 8.0.1-BETA2 Available

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The second beta of FreeNAS 8.0.1 is now available for testing. If you test this beta and find any bugs, please report them on the freenas-testing mailing list.

From the README:

This is the second of three planned betas in the 8.0.1 release cycle.

Most of the changes from BETA1 are bug fixes. In particular several bugs have been fixed in the migrations from 8.0-RELEASE. The system was not relabeling ZFS volumes to use the new devicename-independent naming scheme correctly in BETA1. Also the database migration scripts in BETA1 do not migrate NFS shares properly.

Changes since 8.0.1-BETA1:

The upgrade/migration scripts have been improved. In previous versions failure of the database upgrade was easy to miss, and it could leave the system booting to single user mode with error messages that had nothing to do with the root issue. This has been rectified. If a database migration does fail, the error message will be clear as to what happened, also the system will save diagnostic information that can be used by the developers to recover from the failed migration as well as make changes to prevent the issue from affecting users in the future.

iSCSI has been improved. The SCSI serial number can be set on a per target basis. This fixes an issue where MMIO was seeing different FreeNAS server as the same device. Multiple IPs can also be specified per portal.

The ssh daemon now logs to /var/log/auth.log

Several fixes have been incorporated into the volume import procedure.

Several fixes and improvements have been made to the remote replication process.

The system handles the timezone setting better.

CIFS now defaults to AIO enabled.