New FreeNAS 8 Forums

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Until now, FreeNAS 8 forum discussions took place in a sub-forum of the Sourceforge FreeNAS forums. This was confusing to users as it wasn’t always clear if the information in the rest of the forums was applicable to 8 or only worked on earlier versions of FreeNAS.

FreeNAS 8 now has its own dedicated Forums at an easy to remember URL: If you wish to post information or ask questions about FreeNAS 8, please use the new forums. FreeNAS .7 users should continue to use the existing forums.

The FreeNAS 8 Guide has been updated with links to each category in the Forums.

At the moment, the Forum categories are English only but we would be happy to add language forums upon request. To request that a language be added, leave a comment or drop me an email.

FreeNAS 8 Documentation

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FreeNAS 8 documentation is a work in progress and is steadily moving along. The documentation has been moved from the old wiki to a new wiki which can be accessed from the Documentation page of the website. Please update your bookmarks accordingly and point people to the new location as the old one is now stale.

At the moment, the 8.0 Guide is fairly usable as it contains screenshots for each GUI menu and tables for each configurable option (most of which have some sort of description). This provides a framework to start with but it still definitely needs contributions to fill out the “when” to do something, provide more understanding of how various services work, usage tips, and real-world scenarios with configuration examples. If you would like to contribute to an area that you have expertise in, create a wiki login and add your writeup. Don’t worry if your English or writing ability is not perfect; we get an email for every edit and can clean up contributions for readability and technical accuracy.

Once the official FreeNAS artwork is available, a version of the FreeNAS 8.0 Guide will be “published” in various formats (PDF, epub, kindle, html). The plan is to release an updated version of the Guide with each version of FreeNAS moving forward. As the documentation matures, the “released” Guide will match the features that came with that release and the wiki version will be considered the “CURRENT/HEAD” area for updating the documentation to reflect the features being added to the next release.

We’re still working on configuring and testing the translation plugin for Mediawiki. If you have experience configuring this extension for another project and can help out, definitely let us know as we could use your help! In theory, this extension lets translators know when the English version is modified so that they can translate the new material.

In the mean time, the translation plan is as follows: once the timeline for 8.1 release is known, a documentation freeze date will be included. The wiki will be “frozen” (meaning all changes will be ignored until after release) to give time for translators to translate and for the published version to be formatted and converted to various formats in time for release.