New experimental installation mode

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I’ve just added a new method for installing FreeNAS: It’s a real ‘install’ method that no more use the RAM drive.

For preparing these change, I’ve begin to rename the platform name:

Here are the new platform names:

  • FreeNAS-i386-liveCD: For the CD-ROM release (using a RAM drive)

  • FreeNAS-i386-embedded: For the classical .IMG release (using a RAM drive)

  • FreeNAS-i386-full: For the release installed with the new method (real install)

These new name will permit to add ‘amd64’ release, or other architecture.

I think that it will be complex to add an ‘upgrade feature’ with the ‘full’ release, but possible.

Now I need to fix all bugs that I’ve added with these changes (I’ve just found that firmware upgrade doesn’t work with the ‘embedded’ for example).

Samba/CIFS performance initiative

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After recoding most the FreeNAS build scripts now we are able to add original FreeBSD patches into our ports. Due this i’ve added the Samba patches in the hope of increasing its performance.
My current results are between 8.5 and 9.1 MB/s on a 100MBit network connection. Maybe my switch is a bottleneck, so i hope to get a 1000MBit soon.