1. 2018FreeNAS 11.2 includes a mobile-friendly Angular web interface, improved iocage plugin system, real-time APIv2, and synchronization with many more cloud storage providers.
  2. 2017FreeNAS releases version 11.1, adding virtual machine, Docker, and cloud synchronization support.
  3. 2016FreeNAS 9.10 is released, based on FreeBSD 10.3, bringing further refinement, broader hardware support, and performance improvements.
  4. 2015FreeNAS 9.3.1 is released, accompanied by a blog series dedicated to FreeNAS.
  5. 2014FreeNAS 9.2 and 9.3 are released, bringing a new volume manager, a setup wizard, and a REST API. This year also marked the retirement of UFS and 32-bit support.
  6. 2013FreeNAS 8.3 is released with full-disk encryption as well as FreeNAS 9.1 which is based on FreeBSD 9.
  7. 2012FreeNAS 8.2 is released. This release introduces support for third-party applications using a plugin system based on PC-BSD PBIs and FreeBSD jails.
  8. 2011FreeNAS 8.0 is released based on FreeBSD 8 with a re-written codebase and graphical user interface based on Django and the Dojo toolkit.
  9. 2010iXsystems takes over stewardship of the FreeNAS project and continues FreeNAS development on FreeBSD.
  10. 2009FreeNAS project lead Volker Theile announces he is no longer able to maintain FreeNAS on FreeBSD and wants to port the project to GNU/Linux.
  11. 2008Volker Theile becomes project lead.
  12. 2007FreeNAS named as one of the 2007 Best of Open Source Software winners by the InfoWorld Test Center.
  13. 2006FreeNAS is a winner of the VMware Ultimate Virtual Appliance Challenge: Consumer Prize.
  14. 2005FreeNAS is born thanks to the efforts of Olivier Cochard-Labbe! The first alpha version of FreeNAS is available as an ISO file on SourceForge.