Hey folks,

You remember the ending of the movie “The Wizard of Oz”, where Dorothy woke up and it was all just a dream?

Well, that’s exactly the case with FreeNAS It apparently never happened, we all just dreamed that it did. Haha! You all didn’t really think we’d release something with so many numbers, or with more bugs than, right? Right. Just a bad dream.

So anyway, now that we’re all awake again, we’d just like to point out that the release fairies appear to have done a during the night, which is now available on https://www.freenas.org/download/. It fixes even more bugs in the 9.2.1.x series (including those we all dreamed were in and is a more fitting end to the 9.2.1.x series, especially given that 9.2.2 isn’t going to be out for awhile!

Bugs fixed in https://bugs.freenas.org/projects/freenas/issues?query_id=75.

Sweet dreams!

– The FreeNAS engineering team