Preparing BSDCan2007

There is a long time that I didn’t post here…. Hopefully Volker is very active on the FreeNAS code and on this blog 🙂 I’m preparing my travel to Ottawa for BSDCan2007. I will try to put some photos and day-to-day comments about this event and conferences. I will... read more

Limiting UFS File system creation choice

My 4 hours of train today, permit me to work on FreeNAS:Replaced the 4 UFS choices for formatting an hard drive, by only one (EFI GPT with soft updates) and add the possibility to choose the minimum free space reserved (between 8% and 1%).Rename the Software RAID name... read more

LDAP will not be working for the 0.684b

Here is the actual state of the day about my works.RSYNC bug fixed : I forgot to add the hidden ‘id’ value (corresponding to the entry number) in the web form.FAT32 and EXT2 formatting: I’ve remove the BSD label creation for these filesystem (it was an old bug... read more