OpenZFS: Stronger Than Ever

The 2016 OpenZFS Developer Summit and Hackathon took place September 26th and 27th in San Francisco and showcased the amazing growth that OpenZFS is experiencing as a technology and a project. I attended the first “ZFSDay” back in 2012 and remember the uncertainty... read more

NEW Online FreeNAS Classes

We’re proud to announce new online FreeNAS classes in collaboration with ZFS expert, Linda Kateley. Linda is a professional software educator with over 20 years of experience who specializes in ZFS and storage. We get a lot of questions from users about how to set up... read more

OpenZFS Initiative

FreeNAS is proud to announce our support and involvement with the OpenZFS Initiative. OpenZFS is the spiritual open source successor to the ZFS project. This formalized coalition of developers, users, and companies dedicated to the open use and improvement of ZFS will... read more

Last day in Ottawa for BSDCan 2007

It was my first BSD conference, and it was very interesting.This conference permit to meet lot’s of people from the *BSD world: – Pawel Jakub Dawidek (The GEOM guru) presented his actual work for porting ZFS under FreeBSD 7.0 and it was an incredible... read more