FreeNAS For Business

FreeNAS is powerful enterprise-grade storage with a comprehensive user interface designed to make the world’s most advanced file system (ZFS) easier to use. When using FreeNAS to store data for business, there are three options to consider, each depending on how critical the data or application is.

Option 1: Critical Data/Application

TrueNAS: Hybrid or All-Flash Storage Arrays With High Availability and 24×7 Support

As the core developers of the FreeNAS Project, iXsystems realizes that most businesses can’t rely on the traditional Open Source “self-support” model for their mission-critical and sensitive data storage, nor can they afford to spend the time, manpower, and effort building and supporting their own homegrown storage solutions. For these businesses, iXsystems has created TrueNAS enterprise storage arrays: appliances designed for critical data and around-the-clock operation with the same familiar FreeNAS user interface, and backed by full enterprise support.

Ask yourself: is your storage application critical to your business operations? Can storage downtime be measured in hundreds or thousands of dollars lost per minute? When storage is mission-critical, there’s no substitute for the guaranteed performance, functionality, high-availability (HA), and professional software support offered with an iXsystems TrueNAS enterprise storage array. At its core, TrueNAS is FreeNAS, but hardened, tuned, and synthesized with enterprise hardware designed for the uncompromising stability and performance that businesses require. It’s the best value in the enterprise storage market.

“Storage this powerful should have another zero in the price tag.”
Terry Rataiczak – CEO Kinetic Networking

Option 2: Less Critical Data/Application

FreeNAS Solutions Built by the Experts

With the FreeNAS Certified Server line and FreeNAS Mini, iXsystems takes the guesswork out of building FreeNAS storage. Choose a FreeNAS Certified Server or Mini — built by the company who wrote the software — for guaranteed FreeNAS compatibility and the reliability that comes with iXsystems’ nearly 20 years of experience building enterprise server hardware.

FreeNAS Certified Servers

For non-mission-critical data, or businesses with lighter workloads that don’t mind supporting FreeNAS on their own but don’t want to hassle with selecting, building, and supporting their own hardware, iXsystems has created a portfolio of “FreeNAS Certified Servers” that come installed with FreeNAS and ready to deploy.

“Fully preconfigured, ready to rock systems at a price that is unimaginable from the other NAS vendors.” – Dave LeSiege – Information Technologies Manager

FreeNAS Mini

Finding hardware powerful enough to support ZFS, yet compact and affordable enough for home or small office use is no easy feat. iXsystems met the challenge with the FreeNAS Mini, pound for pound the most robust storage system ever built in a small form factor.Equipped with 16GB-32GB of ECC RAM, a low power 8-Core 2.4GHz Intel Processor, dual Gigabit network, remote management, and four or eight lockable hot-swap drive bays, the FreeNAS Mini is powerful yet still quiet and efficient. The FreeNAS Mini does more than store your data: it has the power to keep it safe and forever free from silent data corruption. The rich combination of features, reliability, performance, flexibility, and data protection are simply unmatched by anything in its class. There’s nothing even close.

“I’ve been using ZFS for years in production and I’m ecstatic to have a low power unit for my home office.” – Will McDoe (excerpt from Amazon Review)

Option 3: Non-Critical Data/Application

Build and Support Your Own FreeNAS

If you have the time, compatible hardware, and necessary expertise to support and maintain your own homegrown storage, then the software needed to complete the puzzle is here at your fingertips! Here’s a basic hardware guide to get you started.