Hundreds of thousands of FreeNAS and TrueNAS systems are deployed around the world, with many companies having dozens of systems. TrueCommand is a “single pane of glass” application to simplify the scaling of data, drive management, and administration of iXsystems NAS platforms.


TrueCommand expands on the ease of use and power of TrueNAS and FreeNAS systems with multi-system management via a Single Pane of Glass.


  • NAS Fleet Dashboard
  • Single Sign-on to all NAS Units
  • Customized Alerts and Reports
  • Rapid Fault Management and Diagnosis
  • Real-Time Data Collection and Analysis
  • Predictive Analytics to Maximize Uptime
  • Team-Based 24×7 Operations
  • Enterprise Security with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and Audit

Simplified Operations and Deployment

TrueCommand is a ZFS-aware solution allowing you to set custom alerts on statistics like ARC usage or pool capacity and ensuring storage uptime and future planning. TrueCommand also identifies and pinpoints errors on drives or vdevs (RAID groups), saving you valuable time when resolving issues.

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TrueCommand Licensing

TrueCommand is free to use to manage up to 50 drives. Licenses to expand TrueCommand capabilities may be purchased from the iXsystems account portal.

Recommended System Requirements

Physical or virtual machine
80 GB storage
Network access to NAS systems (Internet not required)
FreeNAS or TrueNAS 11.2 or later


Installing/Starting the image
To fetch/use these images, run the following:
docker pull ixsystems/truecommand
docker run --detach -v "[hostdirectory]:/data" -p [portnumber]:80 -p [sslportnumber]:443 ixsystems/truecommand
Where the “[hostdirectory]” should point to some persistent directory on the host to use as the long-lived data directory for the container.

Checking the status of the running containers
This will also return which port numbers on the local host get redirected to the TrueCommand container

docker ps

Stopping the container
docker stop [container ID]

Other resources

TrueCommand on Docker Hub

VDI image – sha256 checksum: 87bcc81ad4b430133067ed8d253ec2dc418709c7f0f38fc5e76bfe32e84f4319

VHD image – sha256 checksum:

VMDK image – sha256 checksum:

RAW image – sha256 checksum:

The username and password for the VM images are both “truecommand”

License Portal

How To Install


docker pull ixsystems/truecommand docker run --detach -v "[hostdirectory]:/data" -p [portnumber]:80 -p [sslportnumber]:443 ixsystems/truecommand docker ps

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